Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quick update for the day...

My kids got sick this past few weeks, Dana’s fever is keep coming back, she’s teething and her teeth is bugging her a lot and she is grouchy at night. Dustin is feel better now but his sinus infection was still there. We keep giving him antibiotic for his sinus infection and ears because the last time we went to the Doctor, the Doctor said his right ear is kind a red. That’s the reason we cancel our trip going to Pueblo for our convention and we are hoping that we can go to Loveland this year. Too bad we missed the convention but we don’t have any choice, the health of our children is important.

Anyhow, since we are not going to the convention, I just keep myself busy watching with my two kids. I didn’t get more assignment this week that’s why I feel lazy to write a post. Playing Farmville at facebook is what I love to do especially in the morning and at night. I didn’t know that playing Farmville is fun and I am starting to enjoy this game!

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