Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday ramblings...

It's Saturday morning and I felt very tired. Not because of the headache I got last night but also I throw up and my stomach got sick. I am not sure if the pizza makes my tummy upset but I think it is. We had pizza for dinner from Papa Murphy. I never sick before when I eat Pizza and I love Papa Murphy Pizza. I was wondering why, or maybe its not because of the Pizza. Maybe I was not really feeling good that time and eating Pizza is not a good idea. Well, I'm glad I throw it up last night. If not? I am sure I still have headache until now.

I woke up early around 6:00 am because my tummy is rumbling. I am graving for food. So I cooked ramen noodles this morning and rice. I also have a cup of coffee with a lots of milk. Dana woke up early too but she went back to sleep in her swing around 7:00am. I try to go back to bed but my eyes won't go back to sleep. Instead, I watch my favorite Filipino show online PBB: Double Up at You Tube. It helps me relax and I really enjoyed watching the Melason team up. They makes my day complete.

Well, my husband is working today but he will be home around 3:00pm. He works overtime this weekend so that we can catch up our bills. Saturday is a lazy day for me. The weather outside is freezing cold. Don't feel like going out, I just want to stay in the house and relax.