Saturday, January 9, 2010

Missing my family...

There are no days that I don't miss my family in the Philippines. I'm worried about my mom. She is fine though but my sister told me that she's taking medication for high blood. I also worried about my brother because they had an argument with his wife and he wants to leave his wife and the kids. He told me that his wife make a scandal at his work place and he wants to quit his job because he don't have a face to show to his boss. We talked three days ago and tell him not to leave his wife and his kids. He needs to swallow his pride and stay with them. Even how big the problem they have as a family, they still need to work it out for the sake of their children.

My brother is a quiet type of guy. He don't get mad easily. Sometimes it's hard for him to get along with his wife and his wife's family. They argue a lot. Well, I don't want to be involved in their family problems. All I can do is to give him advice and to let him know that leaving his wife and the kids can't solve their problems. Good thing because my sister told me that my brother go back to his family now, I think he already realize that leaving them is not a good idea. Hope they are okay now.

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