Monday, January 4, 2010

Balance view of work...

I was reading one of our magazines for this month and it was very interesting. It talks about working. Well, we know everyone is working hard to provide their needs for their self and family. Did you know that the conflict between work and family life is a major issue around the world? There’s a lot of people don’t have job and millions are still looking for a job. Many are trying to get more jobs to provide the needs of their family and to catch up with bills. Money is source of everything. I like the saying “You work to live, not live to work”. Isn’t that interesting? We need to think about our health too. Not just thinking to work and work and make more money. Many people are dying for their jobs. Because of overworked and stressed, it can also lead to serious health problems.

How to cultivate a balance view of work? It’s easy; we do not let our profession become our obsession. Notice this verse at Ecclesiastes 4:6 – “Better is handful of rest than a double handful of hard work and striving after the wind”. Chronic overwork has been linked to obesity, alcoholism, heart disease, workplace accidents, drug dependency, anxiety, fatigue, depression and many other stress related disorders. That’s why balance is vital! Protect your mental, physical and emotional health by taking time to rest and enjoy the fruits of your labors.