Saturday, November 28, 2009


Angel Lush Pineapple Cake
Strawberry Pie
Spring Roll (Lumpia)
These are the goodies I cook for this week. It looks yummy isn't it? I am not really a good cook but trying new things is really fun! I did it with the help of my recipe books and magazines. It was easy and the taste are good and yummy! I am craving cake, pie and lumpia this week and since I have recipes, then why not try it? I'm happy with the outcome, it taste delicious and I think I will cook this again, maybe when we invite people to come over for dinner. :-) What you think?

Friday, November 27, 2009

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving...

I know that everyone busy celebrating Thanksgiving, but for us? this holiday is not a big deal. We don’t celebrate this occasion. I am sure you will wonder why? We celebrate thanksgiving everyday! We always give thanks to God of everything we have. Why does it need to have a one special day to celebrate it? Why not just celebrate it everyday?
Anyhow, I am sure many of you are having fun and busy in each everyone kitchen, cooking good food, spending time with the family, cooking turkey and chicken. And since everyone celebrating this holiday, I was thinking to cook Filipino food for us to eat as a family of course. We can’t go out to eat dinner because all stores are closed. We just went to City Market to buy a snack and we stay in the house whole day, watching movie “Ice Age” and “John Q”. It was fun and it’s nice that Mike don’t have work. That way he can spend time with us as a family.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Truck accessories

We just got our new license plate for our two cars and now we are thinking about getting a truck accessories. We are looking for a seat covers to replace our old one. Good thing because have those seat covers we need. They offer 15% off on orders $99 and up. This is their early bird special. So if you are looking for a car or truck accessories. This is the right website to visit!

Not feel good...

I supposed to have bible study this afternoon but I don’t feel good. My tummy aching, my legs sore, im very tired, I don't have enough sleep last night. I keep waking up because my tummy hurts. Well, I guess its because of my period. I never had this before but I noticed starting last 2 months ago, I have this pain. It takes a lot of my energy. It's hard because I have two kids to taking care of and I need to watch Dana all the time. I need to reschedule my bible study for next week, hopefully I won’t get sick that time.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pond Supplies

Do you love having pond in your own backyard? I do! I remember when our friend invited us to come over for a dinner at their house and they have a barbecue party in their backyard. The first thing caught in my eyes is the pond. It was really nice and I would love to have like that too one day. We have 3 dogs and having a pond is not really a good idea. I am sure many of you are planning to build a pond and guess what? have all the supplies you need right at your fingertips! The price are very affordable. They offer a great deal of the day! So you better check it out and see if you can find the pond supplies you need!

Insurance Quotes

My friend just got her first car but I am not sure if she already have a car insurance. We talked about insurance few days ago and she told me about it. Well, I really don’t have idea about car insurance because I shared insurance with my husband. I looked up online and came across at this website at insurance quotes where you can get a free quote and you can also easily compare quick free insurance quotes online. They have really good information about insurance, that’s why I recommend this website to my friend. If you don’t have insurance yet and you need to get one, you better visit and get a free quote!


I been waiting for my husband to get off in the computer. I never had a chance to check my email this morning and check if i have tasks to do for the day. He's been playing his favorite online game EVE since this morning and i think the game seems very interesting. I already made a character but i didn't play it yet. I dont know how to play! and even they have a tutorial, i am still confuse on how to start the game hehe... Anyway, it's already 11:00pm, it is late and everyone are sleeping, but i am still awake! I think i can't finish doing my 3 tasks for the day. I will do the rest tomorrow. ;-) goodnite everyone!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Long Distance Movers

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Water Damage San Diego

When I found out about what happen in the Philippines at Luzon area where typhoon Ondoy and Ramil damage lot of people houses? I was thinking how the government solve this kind of problem? Do they have a free service for water damage restoration? I research online and came across at this website at, they offer fire restoration, water damage restoration and mold remediation. The able restoration covers a major portion of Southern California from San Diego to South Los Angeles County. So if you are from that area and looking for a water damage restoration then why not visit their website and look for a Water Damage San Diego.

A moment like this...

Its very hard in my part not being with my family in the time when my sister died. I was far away with them and I can’t back home because we don’t have enough budget to buy a ticket. I missed them a lot and I keep on praying that my mom will be fine. My younger sister is resting in peace now and I think she’s happy on where she is. Life still goes on and all of us need to moved on.

Monday, November 9, 2009

How to burn fat

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I just find out yesterday that my younger sister passed away on November 3 at exactly 3:00pm. I’m still in shocked. I can’t believe that she give up already. I thought she will fight her illness all along. I keep praying that she will be better and be okay and that herbal supplement will help her. But it seems not, seems like the herbal supplements make her worst. I felt very sad, I am grieving for my sister. We have a good bond before when I was in the Philippines. I can remember every time she said that she will going to have a happy family and a baby. But then she lost her baby and that makes it worst. Its hard for her to accept that she lost the baby and that give her so much depression. She suffer a lot, she undergo so much pain at the hospital, she is in trauma with that. I am so sad because I can’t see her for the last time. I am so far away with them and I can’t go back home because my visa is not yet approved, we’re still in process for adjusting my status. Hope that she’s happy that she can rest now. She don’t need to suffer and feel the pain anymore. I am looking forward to see her again in the future when Jehovah God will resurrect all the righteous and unrighteous. That is my only hope I am holding on, to see my love ones again. To those who give donations, I am sending my gratitude, thanks to all your help, I really appreciate it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

micro sd

We bought our digital camera 2 years ago and you know what? My memory card need to replace because it doesn’t hold much space because I took a lot of photos everyday and I keep deleting the old one. But anyway, I bumped to this website that offer secure digital micro sd that is very affordable at It’s free shipping too! Well, maybe I can get a new micro sd for my digital cam and get more high capacity flash memory cards at!