Friday, November 27, 2009

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving...

I know that everyone busy celebrating Thanksgiving, but for us? this holiday is not a big deal. We don’t celebrate this occasion. I am sure you will wonder why? We celebrate thanksgiving everyday! We always give thanks to God of everything we have. Why does it need to have a one special day to celebrate it? Why not just celebrate it everyday?
Anyhow, I am sure many of you are having fun and busy in each everyone kitchen, cooking good food, spending time with the family, cooking turkey and chicken. And since everyone celebrating this holiday, I was thinking to cook Filipino food for us to eat as a family of course. We can’t go out to eat dinner because all stores are closed. We just went to City Market to buy a snack and we stay in the house whole day, watching movie “Ice Age” and “John Q”. It was fun and it’s nice that Mike don’t have work. That way he can spend time with us as a family.


JW said...

saw your blog through a twitter link. My wife is from Manila.
Life is so busy for so many that this day is a day to STOP and be thankful for what you have. When you live in a busy fast paced world not everyone realizes what they should be thankful for.

Janet said...

i agree with you JW. Well, its not bad to give thanks in one special day specially if people are all busy and already forgot to say thank you to the creator. But they still need to remember that we dont need a special one holiday to give thanks. Hope we can learn how to give thanks everyday. Thanks for the comments JW, appreciate it!

Lisa said...

Yes, we should give thanks everyday for giving thanks pleases God. But this special day was set aside to give thanks to God for all the things He had given us. Why, do you celebrate Christmas everyday and give out Christmas gifts everyday? I think not. Same as Thanksgiving Day.