Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Driving at bean ranch colorado

This morning, Mike told me to get dressed and ready because he will take me for a ride at the bean ranch here in grand junction colorado. I never been there but i am very curious on what we will going to see on that place. I never expect anything so i will go for a nice ride with him together with our kiddos. When we get there i was very shocked because i never seen anything in there except a desert, a little bush and also rocks. I see lot of holes in the ground and the road is kind a scary. We're driving in the dirt road and it was very interesting because we see a cave and it seems like there's some people camping in there but we didn't see any people out there except the woodfire and a chair they left. Anyway, i thought we going to see the Gunnison River but i think we're wrong. So we came back to the road and we didn't go far enough to see the River. Maybe we will come back next time and see what's in there hehe :-)

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