Monday, March 2, 2009


Yeah im pretty sore today, im still taking medication every 4 hours and i think that helps little bit. My incision still hurts and this Wednesday i have an appointment for my doctor and they will going to take the staple out. Hope it wont hurt hehe :-) Im having hard time walking, i cant even move so much. Good thing Mike is helping me a lot in the house. His the one who do the things that i am supposed to be doing like cleaning, cooking, watching our 3 year old son and doing the laundry. Im looking forward to get back on my feet and recover for my CS surgery. :-)

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Rosa said...

WOW CS ka sis? Same tau, hehe di rin ako masyado makalakad before nung na CS ako.. na benat pa nga ako sa kaka work too much after give birth. Hehehe Kain kalang nang kain at ingat sa pagkikilos ah? Take care!