Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daddy and Daughter moment

Look at this photo, Dana and her daddy really look the same. The shape of the head, ears, nose and lips, she got it from her daddy, she got my eyes though because she is also chinky like me hehe :-) I am sure Dana will be daddy's girl because Dustin is a mama's boy. Im really happy because we are complete family now. 2 kids is enough, one for me and one for Mike. :-)


Prettymom said...

wow.. she looks like her daddy i am sure she will be a cute baby like her kuya dustin

S-H-Y said...

Good to know Fe that you had a safe delivery..ang cute ng baby girl mo, complete na jud mo..

maxi said...

what a nice photo! i love it especially when you baby's on his dad's arms. that's so sweet.

hope that you are recovering quick.

have a great day and stay healthy!

Lara said...

Congrats Fe, cute ng baby girl mo. Take it easy and get well soon.