Friday, December 12, 2008

Im starving!

This morning i only eat cereal for my breakfast. We went for our bible study at 10:00 am and in the afternoon at lunch time, we went to St. Mary's Hospital for my glucose test. I never eat lunch yet, so i am really starving. When you get your glucose test, you are not allowed to eat 3 hours before your last meal. Then after they give you the glucose drink, you still need to wait another 1 hour before they draw blood on you. I was really nervous that time because i was thinking maybe they will take a lot of blood on me again just like before. I think they need to fill up 5 bottles but guess what? i was very surprised because they only fill up the 2 small bottles. It doesn't take too long though, so i was very happy with it. After my glucose test, i was starving to death hehe :-) i am really hungry, my tummy is rumbling and i feel weak. Good thing Mike treat me at the International Buffet. We eat together with our friends and i am really full, what a relief hehe :-)

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