Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy First week of October!

Wow, its first week of October! The day went so past. I cant believe that October is here which means its "Fall" now. I like fall season thats why Mike and I will going to Ouray Box Canyon this Saturday. I am sure it will be a pretty nice drive because all the leaves are already changing color. Then about few month its Winter time! i am sure it will be so cold hehe :-) Well, my first week of October is not that bad but my first tasked is about casino. Only have 1 tasked for the today. Wish i can get some more eventhough i already dont have page rank. I always rely on my page rank especially when it comes to Opps. Wish the google will update again next month and they will give my page rank back. Will see what happen... how about you my fellow bloggers? hows your first week of October?

1 comment:

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