Thursday, September 11, 2008

At the filipino store...

I forgot to bring my camera when Glady's and I meet at the Filipino Store. That was our first met and it was nice to met her personally. I was thinking about bringing my camera but i forgot at the end. Anyway, im glad Glady's bring her camera and i just told her to post the picture on her blog and i will going to grab and save it to my computer so that i have a copy of the picture.

Here is the photo taken at Tita's Filipino Store together with Ate Elena, Elena sister, Dustin, Me and Gladys. Tita was not there because she has work that time. Ate Elena is the one who watch the store while she is gone. She's the one on the right side standing wearing green shirt. We had nice conversation with Ate Elena and her sister and of course Glady's and i too. We went to our house after and had lunch together. It was nice to met her, hope to see her again next time.

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