Thursday, March 13, 2008

My frustration early in the morning...

Im really pissed this morning because Thunder is wining all the time, i didn't sleep good last night, he always keep me awake. He wants to hooked up with Cocao (our pitbull) but cocao is too small for him. Cocao is on her period this time, she's on heat. I think Thunder smell here, thats why he wants to hooked up with cocao but it will never going to happen because Thunder is a big dog and cocao is small. We tried to keep them separated, i woke up very early at quarter to 6:00 am, im still feel sleepy but im already awake now. I am too early to open my account and check email. I supposed to woke up at 8:00 am. And oh i remember that one of my friend need help for her post because she has few hours left before the post need to submit, so im helping here and hopefully she will be approved on her post. Back to our doggies, they already in their cage and im so thankful that Thunder stop wining, it really bothers me a lot. Gives me headache everytime i hear them wining. Maybe it's normal for a male dog to wines especially if they know that the female dog is on their period and he always want to hooked up with them just like when Princess (our female mastiff) she just finished her period last week.

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