Monday, March 3, 2008

Lot of things to do...

Im glad Dustin already taking his nap, so i can get back to my computer and do the things that i am always do like checking my email and do my tasked for the day. Im glad they are giving me more tasked this day. They dont give me a higher payout but its okay at least they are giving me tasked right? I am using computer right now while im cleaning the house and wash the dishes. I keep coming back in forth on my computer room, just want to check you know... I am getting excited to grab more tasked. The more tasked then the more earnings! This is more fun and relaxing than to go find a job outside. I am still thinking about what to cook tonight for our dinner. I dont know what to cook though but maybe i can find some on our frige. Will see... I need to finish my tasked before i'll start cooking for dinner. I am watching also "the best dance crew". I love dancing a lot but i never had a chance to dance again infront of many people. So here i am right now, just watching dance steps and i cant wait to know who will going to win as best dance crew.

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