Monday, March 3, 2008

Brand Identity Guru

Do you want to know how strong your brand strength is and see how you score on the strength scale? This is your chance to know the brand strength of your product. One of my friend refer me this website but I don’t have a product to sale online or I don’t own any small business yet. But she told me that if ever I will going to have a business online then I need to know how strong my brand strength is. Well, I will try it next time if me and my husband already start making business online. But I want to share it to everyone out there that already started their business either online or not. Have you ever heard brandidentityguru? To those who don’t know yet about this website at, you better check their website and find out how strong your brand strength is. They have free video out there that talks about this brand identity. Let everyone knows especially your customers that your brand identify is strong, you need to take the test and answer 12 questions out there to know the results. It is fun and its like a survey. To all Marketing Company this is your chance to pump up your brand and know how strong your brand identity is!

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