Monday, March 10, 2008

Just done cleaning...

Everyday i always make it sure that our house is clean because dustin is already grown up and he is all over the house now. I dont want him to get sick of course thats why i keep our house clean especially the floor. I just done cleaning and vacuum the carpet, so i still have time to relax before i start cooking our dinner. I will just cook steak tonight, i think mike would love it. Dustin is taking a nap this time. Im kind a feel sleepy but if i take a nap maybe i will woke up late so better not to sleep though hehe :-)Its nice out, maybe when Mike will come home then we can work outside in our yard. Need to finish planting the trees that Mike bought. This afternoon, he bring some fence, he said he got it from work. They are not using it anymore thats why he bring it home. Hope his boss wont mind if Mike took that fence hehe :-)

This morning i was worried also because i never got any tasked for the day. it's been 3 days i never get tasked. Well, hopefully they will give me some this afternoon. Im glad i grab 2 tasked so im happy with it. Thank you and happy blogging everyone!

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