Monday, March 10, 2008

I want my Motorola MC70

If ever I will get another cellphone, I will choose this Motorola MC70 handheld computer. Why? Because the features of this phone is really great. This is a rugged, compact, lightweight TNT-based portable data terminal with standard wireless connectivity using WAN/LAN/PAN and Bluetooth. MC70 is built to an industrial specification in terms of drop, temperature and sealing. So it is very durable and long lasting. I can get online using my phone and not worry about my personal computer at all. I can check email anytime, anywhere as long I have this Motorola MC70. When I check prices online, I was very surprised because they lower the price! Its very affordable now. They sale it $2195 before but now you can get it for only $1761.90. So hurry before the price will increased, get your Motorola MC70 at!

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