Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Someone send me a bans message?

I was very surprised this morning when I check my ppp account. Someone send me a bans message that said my blog is unprofessional. So what? I don’t care if my blog is unprofessional… I admit I am not professional when it comes on blogging. My English is not that perfect but I believe nobody’s perfect even American’s have mistakes also with their grammar. I am on the stage of learning on blogging and working my writing skills and my English too. I saw a lot of bloggers don’t have professional website or blog. But either it is professional or unprofessional, its still okay for me because I don’t mind it, the important is you have an interesting topic and you let anyone come back to your blog to visit. They just do it for fun the way I do. Its enough for me to have a great impressions to all my fellow bloggers and friends I’ve known and even to those unique visitors who keep visiting my website and leave me message that said I have an interesting blog. I think I prefer to receive that message instead of bans message. Well, it doesn’t bother me anyway. This year is a good year for me because I earned more than last year. I think that is more important. So maybe they are just jealous hehe :-). Anyway, whatever... hopefully it wont happen again.


janet said...

korek, that's right "No bodies perfect" I dosen't matter if your english is fluent or not the important is your having fun of what are you doing" may I'm right?

femikey said...

thanks jan for the comments, suya lang cguro ang uban ba hehe :) so what kong unprofessional dba? basta ang important kumikita haha :)