Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oled Display

What do you think of having this amazing new technology OLED Television from Sony? I would love to have this kind of TV, its very new and it doesn’t require a backlight to function. Its very clear and its like a cardboard thin TV screen and not only that you can consume less power by using this. What could you ask for more for this latest technology that Sony company proud to announced that this OLED Television are efficiently manufactured than LCDs and Plasma displays. For more information visit and please dont forget to read this press release: the leading OLED Tv News and Info website gets some new features announced that the website is upgraded and gets some new infrastructure and features include Web 2.0 standards, like tags, comments, user integration, rss-Feeds, videos and many more.

Erich Strasser from wants to bring all the news with pictures, videos and background information very fast to the prospective customer. updated the technical information about OLED. At you can find all information about the different OLED-types like:
OLED lighting
OLED materials

OLED TV’s are incredibly slim because organic material directly emits the light, so OLED display panels do not require a thick backlight or complex construction like other flat panel technologies. The history of OLED-Television is also updated and can be reviewed here:

The shipments of OLED TVs will rocket from 2,000 units in 2007 to 120,000 units in 2010.

The first OLED-TV was produced by Sony: It boasts a 3 millimeter thin panel and offers unparalleled picture quality with amazing contrast, outstanding brightness, exceptional color reproduction and a rapid response time. It delivers astounding performance in all the key picture quality categories. is a comprehensive resource for OLED professionals and for people who want to learn more about this amazing new display technology.

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