Monday, January 7, 2008

Meeting Schedule Changes...

Year 2008, the schedule for our meeting every Sunday was change. Instead of 10:00-12:00am they change it to 1:00-2:30pm. They will give 30minutes talk instead of 45mins. So, that was interesting. But even they change the time, we keep trying our best to attend meeting and gain knowledge from the bible. I think this is more better because we dont need to be in hurry all the time in the morning and not in hurry to go home to eat lunch. At least now, we have time to eat lunch and prepare ourselves. Im so happy to attend meeting this morning, I learned a lot. We talk about how to imitate Jesus and how to be a good listener. I am still working with that. Because me and my husband have language barrier and sometimes we dont understand each other and we end up of having misunderstanding and arguments. But hope we will go through with that and trying to make a change.

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