Monday, January 7, 2008

Cheap International Calling

When calling abroad I need to make it sure that I can get a free call or low cost for International Calls. Its expensive to call abroad that’s why I don’t call much with my family in the Philippines. Im being contented talking with them online through chatting. But I think it is more better to call them by phone than to chat with them online.

Calling them by phone for about few minutes is not enough, I need to talk with them a little bit longer. So, I need to find low cost for International calling. While, im searching online about how to get a cheap international calling, I end up searching this website Packet8 VoIP International Calling using a Mobile Phone. Im glad I found this website. So I don’t need a telephone to call my family in the Philippines because I can use my mobile phone anytime, anywhere. This is the best way to call our love ones International, they offer low cost international calling from your mobile phone. No need calling card, data plan, connection fees, no hotspot required and high-quality, digital calls. So what are you waiting for? Try it for free and save more than 90% over typical international mobile phone charges. The best thing of Mobile talk by Packet8, they only charge me 16 cents per minute everytime I call my family in the Philippines. So, How great was that right? Unlike other service you pay more than that. So I better choose this service from Mobile Talk by Packet8 because I saved more! Hurry and try it now and saved more for your next international call!


Story said...

fe,oki n ayo hehehe proud me sa u go n jud ta ani

Eddy Martine said...

Hi thanks for sharing this information, I am currently using Vopium service, it allows Free International Mobile Calls through Vopium Wi-Fi, and its also very cheap and the good thing is that they had launched Vopium Sync Application on MWC 2009 , which creates an automatic data backup of mobile, I think you should also try it. Anyways very good blog.