Friday, January 25, 2008

Dustin throw up in the car...

This morning, we woke up early because me and my husband planning to go to Eagle to deposit some money at first bank for my family. Its kind a long drive, 2hrs drive from Grand Junction to Eagle. After depositing the money, we went back home right away but while where on the road. Dustin throw up in the car... Oh well, I think i feed dustin too much. Or maybe the drive makes him dizzy and makes him feel not better. Im so glad because i never forget to bring some extra pants and shirts. I almost forget that this morning, but i was thinking maybe its good if i bring something in case you know. hehe :-) this is his 2nd time to throw up in the car. The last time was very bad because i didn't bring anything for him to change except blanket, so i cover his body with blanket that time. Now, that i learned, im getting aware when this thing happens. So, everythings okay, we arrive home safe and this afternoon we still need to go to the petsmart to bring our dogs and buy some grocery too for this week.

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