Friday, January 25, 2008

Digital Cameras

How important the digital photography in your lives? For me, it is very important because capturing our family moments and some surprising event is kind a fun. There's a lot of memories to capture especially now that Dustin our son is growing up. I love taking pictures of him and put the wonderful photos in our photo album as a great memories for him when he still a baby. When he grow up, he will see those photos, just like my mom's husband, she kept all mikes memories when he was a baby for almost 47 years and I want to do the same also to Dustin.

I have canon digital cameras here and i got it from Eventhough i am not professional on taking photos but i still do my best to take a nice photo with our family especially to our son. So, professional photographer needs to have a very professional digital cameras right? If you are looking for a professional cameras, I know a website that I know you will love to visit, they have all great digital cameras from different brands from canon, sony and nikon. And guess what? They are on sale for this month of January. You can order it online for a very low price. This is your chance to buy your favorite digital cameras and get better pictures.

Well, if I have enough budget, maybe I could buy another one. I like the Canon digital cameras a lot especially the EOS 40D Digital SLR with EF 28-135mm. This is the camera I am always want to have. If I buy canon digital camera from them then I can get $50 instant savings! That was interesting. How about you what camera you like to own? If you don’t have digital camera yet, then visit and find your favorite digital cameras now that fits on your style!

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