Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekends Shopping Time...

Weekends is the only day that we could spend time together as a family and do shopping. It's nice to do shopping especially this time of the end, Christmas is coming but we don't celebrate Christmas. It means that we can celebrate anytime that we want without special occasion or date needed. We can give gifts to anyone anytime and anyday! Everyday is thanksgiving for us, because we always thankful to God of what we have. We had lots of fun shopping last saturday, we buy Dustin nice clothes because his growing up and some of his clothes is not fit anymore and he need 2T or 3T sizes of clothes. We end up going home early last saturday because Dustin starting to get grouchy and crying at the store. He has fever friday night and we thought he is okay because his fever go down thats why we take him into shopping. So we continue our weekend shopping yesterday before we take dustin to his doctor to have check up, he is fine and no fever this time and we had lot of fun shopping we almost spend $400. Isn't that much? we buy a lot yesterday, new beddings for our bedroom and dustins bedroom. New clothes and grocery shopping!

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