Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Waiting for more!

This past few days I receive 11 opps and im waiting for their approval. I earn a lot through blogging than taking surveys. Surveys are taking too long to earn and get a check from them. But i love doing surveys, I do it for fun and at the same time I can earn extra cash. I didn't expect that through blogging I can earn more and faster. Blog for money is more easier than joining surveys and surf for ads. If you are new in the world of blogging, you need to try something different that you can sure that spending time in front of your PC is worth. While im doing the 11 opps, its very addicting and its fun but sometimes it drains your brain out that you dont know how to start your review and its very frustrating if its happen. I am waiting and asking for more opps this time and im looking forward for my $66 at my paypal account.


Rosemarie said...

wow happy for you fe smorty is giving you some opps while me wa jud ko hatagi ug task sa smorty this week but still i am thankful kay i already have $70 dollar waiting for payment. and ppp seems to neglect me huhhu.. but they sat is i am in USA nad have a blog of pr3 i would surely have tons of opps that highest payout. anyway i already have $200 in ppp waiting for payment and ill start receiving it last week of this month. u right i am loving doing review than taking surveys especially na gamy lan na survey ang available para nako

minus23degrees said...

heyyy i hav been followin ur blogs reg..tink its coool..i hav added a link 2 ya..chec out mine n add a linkback if u like t..http://arseammunition.blogspot.com/

femikey said...

hi rose im happy for you laki na pala na earn mo ha share naman dyan hehe :-) joke, me too im starting to love it na, im still waiting for my approve opps from smorty. Na transfer ko na rin yong paypal account ko sa bank account namin so im still waiting for more opps from them thanks again! and by the way minus23 i added u to my co-bloggers link, thanks for visiting my blog and im glad coz you find it interesting, pls come back again thank u all!