Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My 1st Check from InboxDollars Survey

At last i receive my first check from InboxDollars! It was great coz at least by spending my time on taking surveys and reading emails, i can get a little extra cash. For me taking surveys is fun, sometimes makes me lazy but it's worth it now coz i can see that inboxdollars is not a scam. My inboxdollars account is almost $41 then i cash out the $30, they deduct the shipping amount $3. That was ok for me coz im not expecting to get more and i can wait tell they send it to me. I think it takes about 5-6 weeks before i get the check, i cash out last July and i get paid september 3 and it arrived here by mail on september 5, but i get my check after we arrived from our 3 weeks vacation in the Philippines. Now i can deposit my $30 on our account. Why not try it? maybe you can earn more! have fun taking surveys and have a great day! [Click Here]


Rosemarie said...

wow that's great fe. keep up the good work. ako oi ambot na unsa na man adto and ako inbox dolalr murag na buang na man oi. gusto ko sana may blogging with ,money nagapply na kos sa adsence wa pa man sila magreply. does it take time to wait?

Trinity said...

Hi Femikey... wow you got a check! Congratulations!

You've been tagged by me to answers 6 wierd things about you.. here's the link:


femikey said...

hi rosemarie, hmm for me i think it depends of what your blog is all about, mostly kc it takes only 2-3days before they approved it. Maybe na delay lang ang sayo, anyway thanks again and have a great day! syanga pala trinity i already post on my blog the topic about "6 weird things about me" thanks for tagging me. C yah! and keep visiting my blogs!