Thursday, October 4, 2007

I been tagged! (6 weird things about me?)

Thursday morning, while im checking my blogs i notice right away the person on my comment box named Trinity, she's the one tagged me on this day. So i been tagged by a topic "What are the 6 weird things about me"? hmmm kind a hard question, hehe :-) let me think.....

1. There's a time that i feel like i am acting weird, when my husband say something and i didn't get right away what it means, sometimes different words come to my mind and i screwed the conversation at that moment. I screwed up right away, thats why sometimes my husband get irritated on me when i am acting like that. I even dont know why, i am not like this before.

2. When i am sad and upset, i just talk with myself in front at the mirror instead of talking with my husband. Its like crazy but i notice that im talking with myself alone.

3. Im easily woke up at night specially if i heard just a little noise, it bothers me right away.

4. I dont even wear pajamas at bed time, i like to wear what i am wearing already for the day, im getting lazy to change, hehehe :-)

5. Just like you trinity, i never bring tissue on my bag too! i always forget.

6. There's a time that i buy something like perfumes, lotion or even my favorite snack that i like. It takes few days before i could use or eat it, mostly i forgot that i have those.

Please enclose this list on your tag post:Liza, Rosemarie, Trinity at Rooms of My Heart, Femikey.

I am tagging some of my co-bloggers: Readers-Haven, malditang pinay, matchfingers, lordmanilastone and Horop2x ni Shay.


Rosemarie said...

hi Fe i ahve something for you here

femikey said...

thanks rose for the award, i really appreciate it, hope u had a great day! i will post that here soon ok? c yah and be happy always!

Trinity said...

Femikey.. thank you for doing this tag... I love your post... it makes me smile! :-) ok I lie, it makes me laugh! hahaha...

I never know someone who don't even wear pajamas.. at first I thought you wear nothing.. hehehe... (sorry) what a relieve to read that you are wearing something for a whole day! LOL..

Hei, Femikey, don't you want to tag some one else? come one let's read how weird your friend is! *wink*

femikey said...

hi trinity thanks for reminding me, i almost forgot that one. I already tag some of my co-bloggers hope they are not that weird like me hehe :-)