Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sketch of the Day

This morning, i was wondering what should i sketch for these day? then i end up of sketching lady toons, it just came out on my imagination. Although im thinking to sketch different one like a portraits but then when i grab my pencil and start to do my sketch for the day i created a toon face. Anyway i love it so im thinking maybe i could post it here and let anybody see my artistic art. Thanks for reading!


Z.money said...

Looks nice :) I was into drawing before and was really good at it. I think I need to start back, now that I have seen this. Nice blog btw ;)

femikey said...

thanks z.money, im glad coz u found interesting topic here on my blog, keep visiting and dont worry i know u r still good in drawing, coz the artist is always be an artist, thanks and hav a nice day!