Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Grow Old With You

Being old thats not mean "the end". Old age is a gift coz you reach that age. They said the more you getting old, the more you getting wiser in life. The wrinkles, baggy eyes, sagging butt, jiggly tighs, lots of gray hair is a sign that you reach an Old age. But if you have someone to love to grow old with then thats a wonderful feeling! Grow old to the one you love is a special bond that no one can destroy it. Here is a sketch of an old couple that really shows their Love to each other, it's so nice to see some old couples like these. I imagine myself if i reach that age, hope i can grow old with the one i love too. have a great day!


~Deb said...

It may be nice to grow old with someone, however, we should feel confident and secure, if we happen to grow old alone...sometimes we're not fortunate enough to have that person around with us for the rest of our lives.

Sad thought...but a realistic one.

I love this sketch!

femikey said...

thanks deb! yah ur right, we still need to be confident and secure specially if we grow old alone. But we still need to respect old ages, they love need and attention. :-)

femikey said...

sorry i mean they need love and attention :-)

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I wanted to come over and see what femikey has been up to. A lot of good drawing it looks like!

Tee Juice said...

amazing sketch, great job portraying them in such an endearing light

femikey said...

thanks tee juice for ur comments, im glad u like it, keep visiting my blogs! have a great day!