Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Disney World Experience and Review...

After lunch at Hollywood and Vine Restaurant, we went to see the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Show. We are sitting at the front left side of the stage and I would say that was an amazing show! It's my first time to see it upclose, the stunt are really spectacular plus the fire and explosions are pretty loud. Before the show started they called people to participate as extras, that was pretty neat. Some people in the audience participate and raise their hands. They called on and show their acting skills too!

The part that really amaze me is when they change the scene, the stage move apart and then we see all the stunts, the actors, actress and the extras! That was a real experience. Sound effects are amazing! The actor did so well! Gun shots, explosions and the fire seems real! We really like the rolling ball scene and the finale when they are doing the plane scene! So yes, we really enjoyed it a lot!

So when you go to Hollywood Studios, don't miss the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Show! You will absolutely enjoyed it!

Here is our video! Enjoy!

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