Monday, July 11, 2016

See Forever at One World Observatory, New York!

Here's a video of us when we went to see the One World Observatory in New York. I keep calling it Freedom Tower but this is the New World Trade Center. What an amazing view! I'm glad we be able to come and see this. So beautiful! It's a breathtaking view, you can see the whole city of New York on every angle. We are at 102 floor! and the elevator takes about under 60 seconds! That was such an amazing ride! It will blow you away!

Our last day in New York!

May 18, 2016 --- Today is our last day here in New York. So its our free day where we can go and see other places in New York. Other families in the group decided to go and see Time Square but our family decided to go to the One World Observatory then to China Town and Little Italy. It was such a nice sightseeing. Our flight will be at night time around 10pm so we have the whole day to see more of New York!

Water Fountain at Wallkill Bethel...

Beautiful view isn't it? It was so peaceful, green grass and all Jehovah's people who work there did such a great job. Love the water fountain and its a privilege to be here. I'm glad our family be able to see Wallkill Bethel. Its going to be another more years before will come back here but will always remember this moment. Love it!....

New world translation bible...

This is where they printed thousands of bibles, the new world translations bible. It was such a privilege to see this and I really appreciate for all the hardwork that all our brothers and sisters done. Thanks to Jehovah for all the blessings! So proud to be part on Jehovah's organization. 

Big roll of paper!

Isn't this amazing? This big roll of paper, these are the one they use to print all the publications we give out in the ministry. What a huge roll! Kids really like it, they can't stop saying WOW!!! 

Lunch at Wallkill Bethel...

What a yummy lunch! They serve my favorite food! Fried tilapia with mango sauce, rice pilaf with noodles, brussel sprouts and a simple salad with a delicious venaigrette dressing. We had a wonderful lunch with our fellow brothers and sisters at Wallkill Bethel. What a blessing! 

Our family at Wallkill Bethel!

Here's a picture of our family when we visit Wallkill Bethel last month of May. It was very nice and its nice to see that all 15 of us in our group went to see 4 Bethel in New York City. We are all in the same congregation here in San Luis Valley. We will always remember this moment.

Wallkill NY trip...

May 17, 2016 --- 15 people in our group went to see the Watchtower Farm at Wallkill, New York! Here we get to see how they made the bible and publications. We get a chance to have lunch with the our brothers and sisters at their dining area. This is all our first time so we are all so excited to be there! What a blessing for Jehovah that our family and friends will be able to go to New York and see the Watchtower Headquarters.