Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Artwork at Watchtower Headquarters Brooklyn NY

All the artwork at the Watchtower Headquarters Brooklyn are pretty amazing. All the artist really did a great job! I wish to be in this picture! This is a picture of the Paradise, were all people enjoying God's creation and be at peace with all this wild animals. My family and kids love to be there.

Kitchen Tour at the Watchtower Headquarters Brooklyn NY

Its a privilege to get a chance to see the Kitchen and all the brothers and sisters who work so hard to make a meal to all their fellow brothers and sisters. We had brother Lao who give us a personal kitchen tour. The kids really looking forward to see it and to experience it. They are look like a little Chef out there, they made us carrot cake and a homemade ice cream! That was yummy! Very nice tour... 

Watchtower Headquarters at Brooklyn NY

Here we are! Were here at the Watchtower Headquarters here in Brooklyn! We met one of our friends that came with us in this trip, Brother and sister O'Brian. Since the tour will start not until 1:00pm, we decided to have lunch together! We went to Grimaldi's Pizza Restaurant. The New York Pizza is really good, very big and greasy! Renee got separated from her family because she decided to come with us, she is already part of our family. Will see the rest of our group at 1:00pm at the lobby.

Heading to Brooklyn, New York!

It's Monday, May 16, 2016 - We are heading to Brooklyn to see the Watchtower Headquarters! Brooklyn is pretty busy! It was a nice drive, the weather is really nice too. Nice to see big buildings up there and the bridges. We're looking forward to see the Bible tour and of course the Kitchen Tour at Brooklyn Bethel~

Monday, June 27, 2016

Support Services at Warwick Bethel Tuxedo, New York

Sunday, May 15, 2016. We went to see the Support Services at Warwick Bethel Tuxedo, New York. We have 19 in our group but 2 of them didn't make it that time. So just 17 of us came, but its nice to see everybody here!

At Belvedere Castle Central Park, New York

I like the view here at Belvedere Castle. This is very popular here at the Central Park. The observation deck was very nice. Its nice to be here! There are a lot of things to see at Central Park but we dont have that much time to see everything. We didn't get a chance to see the central park children zoo, the Shakespear Garden and more. Maybe will see some of them when we come back to New York! :-)

Heading to Central Park, New York!

The walk at the Central Park is pretty interesting. We just bought lunch at the hotdog stand outside the American Museum of Natural History. I got the chicken ka-bobs with the rice and it was delicious! The weather is perfect, it was busy out there but we had a great time as a family! We are supposed to met our friends out here, we are heading to see the Belvedere Castle!

The Space exhibit at American Museum of Natural History, New York

This is our family photos after we saw the Dark Universe Exhibit. It was pretty interesting, It feels like I been laying down in a hammock and been swayed for the whole show. It makes me sleepy but it was really nice. My son thought it was amazing! 

Its Dum Dum - The Easter Island Head at American Museum of Natural History, New York!

The first thing my kids say when they saw this Easter Island Head, "Its Dum Dum!". It was funny, they say it really loud and everyone is looking at us. It is Dum Dum! he is very popular in the movie "The night in the Museum". The kids really enjoy it a lot! 

Meet Rexy at American Museum of Natural History, New York!

The first thing we thought about when we go to American Museum of Natural History is to met Rexy from the movie "The Night in the Museum". We saw him here! There he is! He is smiling and happy looking dinosaur, (lols).  Next stop is to see dum dum (the Easter Island Head). 

American Museum of Natural History, New York!

This is our 3rd day at New York and we went to American Museum of Natural History! Seeing those giant dinosaur bones are pretty amazing! The kids really love it! They can't get enough of it. We didn't see everything but we see what we need to see up there. It was such a great day to spend time with the family and friends. The other group is somewhere out there doing their own personal tour, we did ours too so we got separated from the group. Will see some of them later when we go to the Central Park after the tour. 

Our group pictures at the MET, New York

It was very exciting to be in this group! We are so happy to be part of this tour! We are truly blessed and will always remember this moment. Guess what? I remember the background! This is where they made the movie "Maid in Manhattan"! This is where they had the dance ball! This is almost the end of our tour, I'm glad we are able to take group pictures! 

Our second day tour in New York - MET

So, this is our second day at New York. We are going to the MET for the day! Were going to see the "Oasis Bible Tour - The Woman and her offspring". This is going to be a good one, we are going to learn bible history from this 4 places from Assyria, Medo Persia, Babylon and Egypt. Our tour will start at 10 or 11am with Bro. Chris. This is all our first time here at MET, so I am excited!