Saturday, May 28, 2016

Watchtower Educational Center - Patterson, New York

Our family photos!

Our Group Photos from Watchtower Educational Center in Patterson

Here's all the brothers and sisters that went with us to New York. We have 5 families including us. Starting from the left its Becky and her grand daughter Jessica, Emilio, Liana, Gabe, Melonie, Elijah and Natalie, they are in the Miera's Family, the one with the glasses is Seth, Laureen, Renee, their mom (Tammy) and dad (Danny), they are the Gallegos Family, the one in the back is Charlyn and George O'Brian and our family! Me, Dana, Mike and Dustin! It was such a nice group! 

New York here we come!

This will be our first time to visit New York with a group. The reason why where going to New York are to see the Jehovah's Witnesses World Headquarters. New York has 4 Headquarters, first is the Watchtower Educational Center at Patterson, second: The Support Services for Warwick Bethel at Tuxedo, third: Watchtower at Brooklyn Bethel and fourth is the Watchtower Farm in Wallkill. Its a privilege to see all of them in one week. We also had a tour at Metropolitan Museum for the Oasis Tour title: The Woman and the offspring" with brother Chris. So on my next post, its our group photos when we went to Watchtower Educational Center at Patterson. Enjoy!