Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tooth Infection...

I woke up with a pain in my right jaw. My tooth is very painful and sensitive. This is the tooth that I have root canal with and a crown on it couple years ago and last year, I had it cleaned at Colorado Spring then the assistant accidentally pulled the crown and it came off. They managed to put it back and when I had my cleaning again last January at my new dentist at Pagosa Spring, I noticed that when they start cleaning that area of my tooth, it become sensitive so I was thinking maybe that's why it got infected now. My gum are swollen and it gives me dizziness and headache, Good thing my husband called our dentist right away and make an appointment and when they scan it, they saw the problem of my tooth. It really got infected and they give me antibiotic good for 10 days then I need to come back after 2 weeks and make an appointment that way they can pulled the tooth out and they are suggesting for implants. So we are still thinking about it and see if our dental insurance will covered even half of it, so will see... Now, i feel a lot better and still waiting for my appointment for next week. So if you guys have a tooth infection? don't wait any longer! Call your dentist right away and make an appointment, its not fun to have a toothache, its very painful! 

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