Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Strong smell from the hot tub due to excess chlorine

We stayed for one night in one of the Hotel in Pueblo after going to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo at Colorado Spring. We wanted to enjoy another night at the Hotel and it was a nice stay until we go swimming that night after dinner. I noticed the hot tub has some kind of a weird bubbles when we turn it on. I went there and touch the water and see how warm it is but I smell a very strong chemicals that cause me to cough couple times. My two kids, 10 years old and 7 years old jump into the pool right away and the pool is not warm, it was cold so of course the kids went to the hot tub to warm up. I told my husband about it but we end up just ignoring it. So my husband and I didn't went swimming, we're just watching the kids having fun then until couple times back in port to the pool and hot tub my daughter started complaining that her body feels burning and its really itchy. That alarm us that this is something bad, so we take her out in the water, rinse her and took her right away in our room and give her a cool bath but it make it worst. She started shaking and crying so my husband told me to change quick and we need to take her to the nearest hospital because she had bad reaction to the excess chlorine in the pool, she had chemical burn in her skin. My son has little bit of rash but its not as bad as Dana, so it really ruin our stay. My husband talk to the management about what happen and hopefully they taking care of the pool before someone get the same experience us ours. We got home almost midnight and we head out around 10am. Good thing she is a little bit better before we head out, the aloe gel and mist and also tylenol helps her a lot. 

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