Friday, January 15, 2016

Fil-American Love Story - LDR

At last I finish the video that I been working on since couple days ago. I really wanted to make this video a long time but I never get a chance to do it. I need to look old photos, gather them together, just pick the one that I like and make sure the video won't be that long. So I make it brief just about a 4 minute video from the beginning until 2015 when we had our 10th year anniversary. 2016 will going to be a new chapter in our life so best wishes for the both of us and thanks for all the blessings! 

This video shows that you can really find true love online if you are really serious about it and I know it's hard to find a person like Mike and I am so blessed that we found each other. Now we are blessed with two beautiful children and our life is more happier than ever before. 

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