Sunday, December 27, 2015

daddy and dana moment

It was such a great day that daddy is taking Dana for a ride in the toboggan. She is very happy, daddy pulled her all the way to the alley back to the front yard. Its a lot of work for daddy to pull our little girl but they did it! They came back happy and exhausted :-) 

10 years and still inlove!

Here's our family photo in our 10th year Anniversary together with our two lovely kids. 10 years and we still in love to each other! Best wishes to all couples that are celebrating their 10th year Anniversary too and more years to come for all of us!

yummy red velvet cake for our anniversary

We don't eat cake that much unless if its special day. So since its our 10th year Anniversary, we decided to buy a special cake and we all like red velvet cake. This is really absolutely delicious, better than ice cream I guess. We also got red wine to go with it. So we really enjoy our simple meal in our anniversary. It will always be remembered and more years to come for both of us!

Our new Toboggan from LLBean

We got our new toboggan! We are planning to go for a sledding this week somewhere in the mountain, not sure where, but we can't wait to try our toboggan! My daughter already ride on it, daddy pulled here in the block through the alley. I bet its a lot of work to pulled this little girl! We missed our ATV! wish we didn't sell it last year but its okay, we might get another one next year. We got this toboggan at for $179, prices is not so bad and we read good reviews about this toboggan so hopefully we can use this for couple of years and were looking forward for our sledding this week until my son recover his cold. So will see... 

Friday snow

Isn't this beautiful? Its look like a snow flower. We got couple of inches this week. The snow starts last Friday til now and we got about 4 inches, not that much but I think we will have it for quiet a while since the temperature is dropping this week to negative one or more. Feels like a real freezer out here. Hopefully this snow will melt next week! 

Our 10th year anniversary...

December 19th is our 10th year Anniversary. I can't believe we made it! So more years to come for me and my bebeeh! We just celebrated it at home with our two lovely kids. I cooked a very special meal for us. I made a rib eye steak, lobster in butter sauce, grilled vegies, we also bought a red velvet cake and a red wine to make it special and thanks for the beautiful flowers. We took a family photos together, we turn the 1950s music on and we dance until we all worn out :-) that was such a very special day for us that I will always remember. Happy 10th year Anniversary to both us bebeeh!