Sunday, November 15, 2015

Send money to your family abroad at XOOM!

I live here in the USA and I have my family who live in the Philippines. I send allowance to my family twice a month. I used western union before but now I found the one that is easy and convenient for me to use. I can send them anytime, any day in the comfort of my home using my computer, or I can use my phone to send money while I am away at home. I don't need to go at the store or in a bank to rush myself and be away home and the transfer fee is only $7.99. This is the very convenient for me to send money to my family in the Philippines and they can pick it up at the most convenience location they have available in the area that accept Xoom and Western Union Payment. Anyway, if you have family in the Philippines and you still looking for a way how you can send them money, then you might like to try XOOM, you will absolutely love it, its very easy to use and I been using XOOM for more than 5 years now and so far I never had problem with it. Give it a try and see! Send money to your family in the Philippines using XOOM now!

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