Friday, September 18, 2015

At Treasure Falls

This is our second visit at Treasure Water Falls. We went to go fishing that time and we caught 2 rainbow trout and we end up putting them back in the water because my daughter want to let them go, she was sad but since it was raining and we only caught 2 fish, so we let them go anyway and we decided to go to Pagosa Spring to shop and then head back home then of course we stop by at the Treasure Falls and we hike about a mile walk to get to the water falls. It was worth the walk though, it was pretty nice up there. 

We match!

This photo taken in one of our meeting inside the kingdom hall. It was a very surprising moment when you see one of the sisters or even the little ones have a matching outfit. It was nice so I thought I want to share it here. :-) 

Fishing and Picnic with friends at Big Meadows

Oh it was nice to be out in the mountain and spend time with friends. One of our friends bring their Canoe and boat to go fishing. We didn't catch that time too but it doesn't matter, we had great time and just the scenery is really peaceful and uplifting. Very nice view indeed! We go to big meadows couple times a year to hike and go fishing. Sometimes we try different lakes and rivers to fish. But this time, we had a big group of friends that came and it was absolutely the best time ever!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Our 3 day Conventions in Aurora

It was such a nice blessings that we are able to attend the Jehovah's Witnesses 3 day conventions at Aurora last month of August. We have great spiritual friends and the spiritual food we receive is truly a blessings. Can't wait for more!

Car Show in the Valley

Both my son and my husband really like old cars and last month they have car show going on here in the Valley. Its not really a big one but there are some couple cars that are really interesting. We just look for a while didn't really stay that long because it was really hot that time that's why we bring umbrella. We are looking forward for another one here in the valley this weekend, this is going to be a big one. They called it "Early Iron". That will be in Alamosa, Colorado. I bet it will going to be a good one. 

We brought Pearly home!

At last we brought pearly home with us! Its about almost 2 hours from Pueblo to where we live. She really enjoying the scenery! We take her out to her cage and she really feel at home right away. We're just holding her and she is such a good bird. Like an hour before we reach our town, she find a place to sleep for a while and that's on top of my sit. She is so adorable! We really love her, she is part of our family now.