Monday, April 21, 2014

Its a bug!

The one you see here is not a real bug. Its just a toy bug. My kids got this at the Moonlight Pizza Restaurant, Salida. They found it at the toy box and they are having fun playing with it while were waiting for our pizza. Its so funny to see my little girl making a funny expression whenever she put the bug on her head and shoulder. So cute!

Not feeling well...

It was very surprising because my 8 year old son was pretty sick last night. We saw him playing and giggling with his friends and suddenly after dinner, he said his tummy is hurt and he started to throw up in the bathroom. He was pretty healthy all day that time. I give him a bath in the morning, they have good breakfast and lunch, he play outside with friends at the sprinkler, I give him second bath and we went to visit a friend to bring food. They are playing at the front yard while me and my husband are having conversation with a sister who visited that is ill, when we head back home, he was fine but after dinner, he started to get sick. So hopefully he will feel better, he didn't go to school today because his tummy still hurt but so glad to see that he started to recover now.

horse free ride!

We went to Big R last couple weeks ago and we see 3 horses outside the store. The kids was so happy to see it up close and guess what? they got a chance to ride the horse for free! Look how happy they are! We give donation to them when we left and hopefully to see them again sometime next year.