Sunday, December 1, 2013

condenser microphone

Singing Karaoke is very popular in my hometown Philippines and I bet all over Asia are into karaoke too. I miss having karaoke here in my house. I didn’t use our karaoke machine since my little girl broke our microphone and I also sold the old one couple months ago at the yard sale online. I usually just watch it in youtube videos and sing without microphone. I am not into singing though because I am not fortunate to have a good voice but I can still sing. I envy those people who has a great voice, wish I could have a talent like them but all people are different and all of us have a special talent of our own. Anyhow talking about microphone, this great mxl v250 condenser microphone really amazed me. Wish I could have one like this. This is perfect to use when you are into singing. The mxl v250 gives vocals the right mix and power and polish and that makes this microphone popular.

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