Friday, October 4, 2013

Make money online...

Making money at home is not easy. There are tons of scams all over the net that tell you that you'll make money if you try and buy this and that. But the true is, there are some website that are legit and will help you to make money online. Like me, I could say blogging is another way to make extra cash from home, doing surveys, selling your artwork or anything that you made online, there are also some home business online that you can start with like doing an online make up party or host a party, just like what some of my friends does.

Anyway, I been into blogging for couple of years now. At the first and second year, it was very nice because I can make a real extra cash from home. I made about $500-800 a month that time and i was so excited to do it more but this past couple years, blogging is kind a slowing down. They pay less than before and they only have couple task or assignment to give. Well, its better than nothing though, because until now I am still making $100-300 a month :-) not bad huh? I also join surveys and doing task at swagbucks and I am making couple bucks, so I am still making extra cash a month by doing it online.

Now, I found another way to make extra cash from home. I found this website at where you can build your own online boutique and its absolutely 100% FREE! its easy to use and all you have to do is create your own online boutique, pick the jewelry you like to put on your boutique, customize it, add it on facebook, invite your friends to buy and visit your page. If someone buy your items, you'll get commission. The more customer you invite, the more commission you get! So if you love jewelry and wanted to own your own free boutique, then this is the right online business for you! Here's the link to start your own online boutique! Join now and become one of us! Enjoy!


Shannon Baker said...

It sounds like an interesting series. I will check it out

book publicity

Femikey said...

thnx!, if u hav any questions to start let me know, have a great day!

Femikey said...

thnx!, if u hav any questions to start let me know, have a great day!