Thursday, July 4, 2013


Thinking of our credit card bills, sometimes we are thinking to file a bankruptcy, but I told my husband not too because I know it will affect his credit score and I don’t want that to make it happen. We try our best to pay all our bills in time but there are times that we are behind of some of our bills and its hard to keep it up especially that we have two house mortgage to pay. I am sure some people out there have the same problems as ours. I read this article online about bankruptcy laws in pa and it was very interesting. Well I am not from PA but hopefully this article will also help you with this matter. So if you are those person who wants to know about Bankruptcy rules then here is the website for you.

Convention at Pueblo!

We are so overwhelmed on how many people attend to the JW District Convention at Pueblo, its about more than 4500 came. The talk, the drama and so on are very encouraging. The movie that they release about the prodigal son was really nice, we watch it as a family when we got home and it really touch my heart. Hope all family are like that, they apply bible principles and try to make their family at peace and have lot of love in the house. That's what i want in my family too and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family.