Friday, June 21, 2013

fire update...

I got this photo online, this is from Southfork view about 30 miles from here. We can see the smoke from here and it was terrible.

Here's the view from Del Norte about 14 miles from were I live. It scary isn't it? Hope no one got hurt! we really need rain at this moment! Hope it wont come down here in my town or else we need to evacuate too :-(

blazing fire in the mountains!

Things happening today was too devastated. The fire going on at West Wolf Creek are terrible! It was so sad to see all those smoke! We can see it here from the house and the fire is getting closer. People who live in South Fork are already evacuating in our town and hopefully it wont come here in the Valley. So scary to think about fire spreading it more and more in the mountains. We really need rain to stop this blazing fire. Pray for all those people who lost their homes and hope no one was hurt. All we can do today is help those people who are need, keep on praying and help each other!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

what a busy day!

I did a lot of things today in the house. In the morning instead of going out on service, I just stay in the house and work at the front yard. The lawn needs to be mowed, the grass are growing so fast, I also need to do laundry and wash the bed sheet. I’m glad I finish it on time before my husband came home. I prepare the dinner early, I was cooking a ground beef stew in a crock pot. It really turns out good and it was delicious! The kids love it and so far I am enjoying cooking dinner in a crock pot. I better get some more crock pot recipes online!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

cheap catalog printing

I just love the jcpenny and Kohls catalog, I love looking all their products, the new items and all for sale items. Since we live here in the Valley, we need to drive about 2-3 hours to go to the big city. Usually we go to Pueblo to shop and sometimes I shop online because that’s the easiest way to do especially when you live far in the city. Anyhow, talking about catalog, I found a cheap catalog printing at They have 2 easy way to order and I am sure many of their clients are really satisfied on their printing service. So if you are looking for a printing service then look no further. Visit for more information and prices!

with friends at the assembly!

I really enjoy the spiritual food that the brothers provide at the assembly last week at Grand Junction. Nice to see some of the brothers and sisters we know. Dustin was so excited to see his little buddy. I saw some of the friends I've known before when were still live in Grand Junction. It's nice that they still remember us. Its almost 2 years since we moved and its nice to be back! It was such a nice assembly and the below photo is a photo of me and my husband.