Sunday, May 19, 2013

almond milk than regular cow milk

As we all know that consuming dairy products everyday can cause a lot of problems to some people. Because some people have bad reaction to it and many people doesn’t even know about it. This dairy products can cause sinus problems to many people. Most children that has any ear problems like ear infection and the one that end up of tubes in their ears should be taken of dairy products. It’s the same problem with my husband and my 7 year old son. My son been having a sinus problem since he was 3 years old and we always took him to the doctor and use the same medication, he use antibiotic almost every day but when my husband found a video about dairy products and what problems it cause then we decided to make a big change in our diet, we stop using dairy and as for the substitute, we use almond milk and almond cheese instead. I heard that almond milk is better than the regular cow milk. They are pretty tasty and my 4 year old daughter like it too so I’m glad we minimize consuming dairy products and it make a lot of changes for my son and my husband. He stop taking antibiotic and his sinus stop, same results as my husband and we are so happy that we did it!

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