Monday, March 25, 2013

eat organic foods!

Since we been eating organic foods now and we are tying not to consume so much dairy products, it makes a big change for our family. We spend a little bit more and it works for us! My husband sinuses is draining and he doesn’t need to take a lot of medication now for his sinuses and back pain. I think the food we been eating before give him inflammation and it causes him to have all this pain. It’s the same problem as my 7 year old son because he has this problem since he was 3 years old. Then now I don’t need to give him this antibiotics and other allergy medication at all. I am thankful that we decided to make a changes to our food and to our diets. So if you guys have the same problem as ours, you might like to think, maybe it is connected to your diet so its time for you to make a change too and don’t wait until your allergy and illnesses become worst.

New look...

I can't wait to see the new look of our living room. We bought a new dining set, a new tv stand, a stand alone lamp and a living room furniture set online. So far, we receive some of the furniture that we order but the couch and dining table set will be here tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday. So I will take a picture of it once we put them all together. It's time for us to get rid of our old furniture and make a little changes. We also starting to do our spring cleaning so maybe first week of April or maybe end of April, we will have a garage sale to get rid of those unwanted stuff and furniture here in the house. We also have tons of baby clothes and baby stuff so will see! Can't wait for Spring and Summer!

Back again!

Hello to all bloggers out there, its been a while since my last post here and Im back to blogging again! I been busy this past couple weeks and I really appreciated to those support of my brother and sisters in our congregation. I join pioneering this month and help out for our campaign and hope that we find a lot of people in the territory to join us this coming March 26th, that is tomorrow at 7:00pm for the commemoration of Jesus death. It's nice to remember what Jesus did to us, he is such a great man and we are honor to do preaching the goods news and doing house to house ministry and try to encourage people to learn the truth from the bible and make a new change to their life. Anyhow, I am also busy selling my paintings online and I sold some of it already and I am thankful to those great buyers who purchase the items. So to those interested, feel free to visit my online store at etsy and also in eBay. Have a great day! happy blogging everyone!