Tuesday, February 26, 2013

excellent electronic drum set

I wonder if my brother in law sold his drum set last Fall. I heard that he is planning to sell it online or to anyone that are interested. I saw the drum set before and they are in a really excellent condition. My husband and his brother like to play drums and guitars in their early age and even now, they are still have the talents to play drums. Hope my kids will grow up with those talents, even not to play drums but any kind of instruments. Its nice for kids to know the basics of this instruments that way they can use and play it when they grow up and pass it on their young ones. Anyhow, hope the excellent electronic drum set of my brother in law will be sold and hope he can find a great buyer to it.

what we found out about GMO foods

Me and my husband been researching about the GMO foods this fast couple weeks and it scary to know that some of the food we are eating are not healthy at all. Some of them can cause illnesses, cancers and allergies. Even in the dairy products that we’re consuming is not safe at all unless were drinking and eating organic foods. I watch this video on you tube about Milk that said “Milk the deadly poison” because of the growth hormones on the cow and the medicine and antibiotics they gave to cows and to make the cows produce 5 galloons of milk? It seems not natural at all to let this cows produce so much milk. So instead of drinking milk, seems like your drinking a lot of puss from the cows. Isn’t that make sense? It also says that milk is the reason why this prostate and breast cancer are increasing this past couple years. So the more you consume this GMO foods and other dairy products, make you become a less human. As a parent, we don’t want to pass that on to our kids. We wanted them to grow healthy and not worrying about this illnesses when they grow up. We spend a little bit more for our foods now since we’re starting to eat organic foods and we try to get rid the corn, wheat, soy to our diet and Its all worth it. We still drink milk but we choose to buy organic milk and organic dairy and to our meat, we bought a grass feed meat.