Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Latest Project

This is my latest project for the day. This giraffe painting is made of a big rock that I got from Alamosa River. I found a picture of this mommy and baby giraffe in one of our watchtower magazine and It caught my attention that's why I decided to make a rock painting with this mama and baby giraffe. One of our sister in the congregation was interested to buy it so maybe I will sell it for her for a very affordable price. I am not sure how much but will see. How much you think this rock painting cost? Feel free to leave comments, thanks!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Art paint

I'm so glad that we did this art and face paint party in the house. The kids love it and they really having fun! They can express themselves on their painting and paint whatever they want. Look at Dustin here, his painting his favorite red truck and for Dana, I don't know what she is doing. She is just mixing all the colors in one and make a mess. But she is having fun though! Will do this again next time :-)

miss my friend!

I missed those friends of mine in Grand Junction. I wonder when we could go back there to visit them or when they will visit me here in our new place? Well, some of them already working at the hospital either as a CNA, nurse or a medical assistant and I like it when they wear their scrubs uniform. Anyhow, if you guys working in the medical field and wanted to buy a scrubs online, you can get the favorite character prints, pink ribbon prints or even the fall prints for a very affordable price. Hurry before the October special sales end!

get a haircut

Today is Friday and we need to go to Alamosa around 10:00 - 11:00 am this morning to get Dustin's haircut. He's hair is long and curly and it really need to trim his hair. I would love to cut my hair too for a new style but will see if they are busy or not. I usually cut my hair in the house because saloon is way too expensive and sometimes I am not satisfied the way they cut my hair that's why I do it my own. If I could cut my son's hair then I wouldn't have to worry taking him to the saloon. I just need to learn how to cut curly hair and buy this hair cutting shears. This is the scissors that the professional hair dresser used so I might need to buy one.