Monday, June 25, 2012

Family Photos at the Convention

At the first day convention at the pond

Me and my adorable kids

Me and my husband at the second day convention taken inside the Pueblo State Fairground

3rd day convention, taken at Marriot Hotel

Last week, June 15-17, 2012 is our JW Convention title "Safeguard Your Heart". They give a very inspiring drama about True Love and an inspiring talk with the brothers. We learned a lot and we will surely apply those bible principles in our family life. Thanks for all the blessings Jehovah!

Pueblo Zoo trip

Pueblo Zoo was really nice, it's not a big zoo as the denver zoo but they have enough animals that my kids love to see. It was nice because we went to the zoo together with our friends, the Miera's Family. My 3 year old daughter was so happy to see the monkey's, lions, birds and her favorite is the ducks. She loves to feed the ducks in the duck pond. Dustin like the otters, peacock, zebra's and other big animals. Well, they don't have elephants, geraffe, polar bear but to see the smile in their face make us happy. It's just a happy moments to them. They really enjoy it and that 3rd photo of me, the penguin seems like me! He keeps swimming up and down, seems like he wants to get out on that cage.

Monday, June 18, 2012

leather dyes

I really like the leather furniture because they look very elegant and expensive but we don’t own any leather furniture. We only have leather jacket and I am not sure if we have any leather restoration kit in the house since our furniture and our car is not made of a leather material. If we do, we will absolutely get leather dyes at, because they are the leather repair and leather restoration kit source on the web. If you can’t find any leather dye colors on your nearest store then look no further, you can get it online directly to your computer, you can get the repair and coloring kits, dyes, restoration tools and equipments, leather cleaners and more at!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eating dinner at the patio

Last night, I was cooking pork chop in the grill, I grill 2 jalapenos for my tomato salsa, I have some mushroom sauce left over for the pork chop and a tons of rice and I also grill some asparagus from our garden. Mike was writing a letter for his brother and friend in Michigan and since he was sitting outside, I ask him if it's okay if we could have dinner here outside. It was a nice warm day and its a perfect day to eat outside, it was so nice and the kids love it. They got so excited when I told them that we will have dinner at the patio.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

At the lake

After we do our ministry in the morning, my friend Mary and I decided to stop by for a little while at the Home Lake here in the Valley. It was such a nice day and the view at the lake was very nice.

welding supplies

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