Friday, April 13, 2012

Planning for tomorrow

Tomorrow is another day to get together with our brother and sister in our congregation. We invite 4 families to have dinner with us and of course we have a lot of kids tomorrow about 8 kids and 9 adults. I am planning to make Chicken king ranch casserrole, make an angel lush pineapple for dessert, beans for side dish and a homemade salsa. One of our sister will bring another dish and dessert, some of them will bring tortilla chips, spanish rice and drinks. So far we are all set, we are just waiting for them tomorrow to come. Mike will be working 8 hours tomorrow until 3pm, so tomorrow morning, I might going out on service if the weather is nice then in the afternoon clean the house and start cooking around 4pm because my guest will come at 5:00. That's all my plan for tomorrow! Dana and Dustin already excited to meet their friends.

1 comment:

Simon said...

woow great nice planing i like your family.
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